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The Open Box

Hi All, 

As promised here is my blog post regarding the idea of the open box (credit to Nightlight Candle for the idea). 

This is the way the open box will work. The open box can only be kept ‘open’ for a period of that particular month, so regardless of whether you open your box on the 1st or 21st Of the month it will need to be closed and shipping fees settled on the last day of the month. 

With the open box the idea is that you will buy a candle as normal but use code freeship so that you don’t pay any shipping. You can then continue doing this all month until you’ve got the candles you want. At the end of the month you would then pay the shipping owed. Here’s an example: 

Leonie (that’s me) opens her box by buying a 7oz As You Wish candle at the normal price but doesn’t pay any shipping. 2 weeks later Ash & Quill Candles puts some 3oz tins on sale so Leonie adds a couple of those to her box. A few days later Ash & Quill Candles adds some new candles and Leonie adds one of these. On the last day of the month Leonie receives an email from Ash and Quill advising that her order of 2 7oz candles and 2 3oz candles has a total postage cost of £2.95 for standard 2nd class shipping. 

if however Leonie adds 10 7oz candles over the month this would need to be split across 2 boxes so the postage cost would be £5.80 

obviously with international shipping this will be different again. My plan is to provide a section of the website with a rough estimate of shipping based on weight so that international customers can work out the average cost based on what they’re adding to their box. 

I plan to launch the open box in November for a 1 month trial, we’ll see how it goes and if it’s successful and doesn’t have any major problems it will become a regular staple in the storm! 

Lots of love, 


Ps: any questions just drop me a line on Instagram/Facebook/email and I’ll be happy to answer! 

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