Please order product types separately. Pin holders, candles and prints cannot be sent together. Prints can be sent with candles if ordering three or more 7oz or 10oz candles. Discount codes cannot be used on bundles. PIGS5 is the only code which can be used on boxes.

About Us


If you're here then I'd like to say thank you for visiting my website and showing an interest in my products. 

Ash & Quill Candles was set up early in 2018 by myself; Leonie. It came from a dream of having my own small business where I could work with people who enjoy reading & binge watching Netflix as much as I do! 

Making candles has been incredible, I enjoy not only the making process and coming up with the different ideas but interacting with all you other bookish & fandom folk many of whom have become firm friends. This business has taken me outside of my anxiety and helped me to reach my potential doing something I love. So I thank each and everyone of you who has helped, supported, lent an ear and given me ideas since I began. Its an honour to be sharing this incredible journey with you and I'm looking forward to all the exciting new things to come!