Current processing time is 3-5 working days, if you need your order sooner I.e for a gift please let me know. Large orders may take longer please contact me for details. Dream box orders current timescale 5-7 working days

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Large Create your dream box

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Please read carefully before placing your order.

Here is your opportunity to create your dream box. As you know I already create a monthly box on a theme of my choice but I appreciate that theme isn’t always what you might want that month, or at all! 

How it works 

Your box, your style. 

the box can be purchased any time of the month, it doesn’t run by the same rules as the themed monthly boxes and you choose the theme, type of products and scents. 

 4x 7oz Candles £31 saving you £4.96 on purchasing 4 custom candles individually 


next, select your scent choices. You can choose from: 







The great outdoors 

 Or choose a mix of scents and I’ll surprise you!

finally, in the notes at checkout let me know what fandom you’d like your box to be inspired by. You can tell me one fandom such as A Court of Thorns and Roses or you can ask for a genre such as ‘pirates’ ‘magic’ ‘sci fi’ etc to receive a selection of candles set in that genre. Please ensure you leave this note. 

I’ll then curate your box just for you based on the information you’ve given me. Boxes will take approx 5-7 working days to complete and ship. 

Important information 


it is up to you how much information you give me. If you just provide a fandom I will curate the candles based on the fandom making my own choices for colours, label design etc. Alternatively you can provide full details on which colours, and what label designs you want. 

Colours available are: 

Dark red, medium red, dark orange, pale orange, pale blue, medium blue, dark blue, teal, pale pink, medium pink, bright pink, yellow, light green, dark green, black, grey, brown, medium purple, lilac, dark purple. I cannot create colours such as gold, silver, bronze etc. Or shades such as burgundy. 

If you want marbled candles the colours are: 

pink, purple, grey, orange, green, blue 

i cannot create marble in yellow or red. Please note colour shade will vary depending on colour of fragrance oil used so for example I cannot guarantee that a pink marble will be dark or light. Grey sometimes appears black, sometimes pale grey. 

 Multiple coloured marble colours available: 

pink & purple, pink, orange & blue, purple & blue, pink and blue, pink and orange, black and orange, black and green, black and purple, black & blue 

striped candles: dark colours will bleed in stripes. Please be aware that if you want a striped candle it is recommended you to for a pale colour such as lilac, pink, yellow, pale green, pale blue as colours such as black and red, or dark shades will bleed into the layer of wax above. 

Please note - I will no longer be changing fonts, or layouts of the labels. The labels will be produced to the same font and format as all my other candles. Should you want to see the design before the candles are shipped please be aware that I will only make changes once. So you will have the choice between no more than 2 designs. 

Please do not send me images you want using on the labels unless you have ensured they are royalty free. I can’t use book covers as backgrounds either. 

Quotes for labels must be no longer than 8 words or 10 short words.